Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab Greek
Director: Prof. I. Vlahavas
Department of Informatics,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
tel: ++30-2310-998145
fax: ++30-2310-998362,


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The Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab was founded on the January of 1998 and initially consisted of 4 members of the teaching and research staff of the Department of Informatics.

PLaSE serves educational and research needs in the following fields:

  • Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Processing
    • Logic programming, constraint satisfaction, Knowledge representation and reasoning, Semantic web, Planning and Scheduling, Intelligent information extraction, Intelligent Web services, Intelligent agents
  • Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
    • Multi-label learning, Ensemble methods, Reinforcement learning, Text mining, Periodicity detection, Knowledge discovery from biological data
  • Software Engineering
    • Open Source Software, Software Project Management, Enterprise Information Systems, Embedded Software Systems, Software Cost Estimation, Software Quality, Agile methods
  • Operating Systems
    • Routing of processes and requests of storage means, I/O sub-systems, Modern operating systems and programming techniques, Evolutionary and parallel algorithms, Internet applications and data technologies, data storage/caching techniques, content delivery networks and data on cloud computing, Web mining, clustering on the Web, directory services and information management, Web 2.0 data management and communities
  • Statistics and Operations Research
    • Statistical methods and models with applications to software engineering and information systems, operations research, simulation in management.

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